The route of indie self publishing is often a path of self discovery. Traditional publishing versus self publishing is a decision that is difficult to make and there are dozens of articles on why to choose one or the other. For years, I was fixated on the traditional path of publishing. Like many others, I wanted to see my books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.

I have enjoyed the process of editing, book conferences, query letters, rejections and more.  My first round of query letter were done with gigantic expectations and minimal experience. The rejection letters were tough to swallow but after a few weeks of wallowing in self pity – I reviewed each of them in a new light and realized how helpful they could be. They pointed me in a new and different direction.

For the next several months I worked hard and changed and improved my story. I went through another few rounds of rejections and each time I learned something more about the craft of writing. It was hard and often painful. But the learning process was necessary for the story to take the shape that it has. Through each round of editing, story changes, Beta readers, and so much more, the decision was made to self publish.

Several editors spoke of tropes that had been at the forefront of agents Wishlist a few years ago, but had since become too common. That is where I was told that Path of the Phoenix fit in. I continued to push forward as I felt that my story needed to remain true. The more I learned, the more I realized that the story still needed to evolve and I needed to tighten up on much of the story. In the end, I love where things have gone.

One of the most common recommendation I received was to move on, shelve the book, and work on something else. Writing will always be my first love. Editing and making other changes, although necessary, are less enjoyable. I have written and written and love the process immensely. But I could never get this book out of my head.

Again and again, I was pointed in the direction of self publishing. Earlier this year, I helped publish a collection of short stories about medicine. This was the first actual attempt at creating my own book covers, story lines, eBook, working with amazon, and such. The thrill of accomplishment was unmatched. And therefore, in the next few months, I will release the first book in the Series of Sorcerer’s Guide – Path of the Phoenix. I am beyond excited.

I’ve always loved stories of magic and I hope this book will add to the great history of novels dealing with the world of magic.