Main Characters

Here are the 6 best friends, the main characters, of the Sorcerer’s Guide to the PATH OF THE PHOENIX

The pictures are the author’s best attempts at who he sees when writing or thinking about the characters. They might be completely different than anything you see or feel. That is the amazing and reassuring thing about books. Often, the words on the page transform your imagination. If you happen to see someone different, all the better.

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Jet Black

He is around six one and one inch shorter than Grantham and nearly six inches shorter than Jayco. He is tall, slight muscle build, and is athletic. He has a dimple on his chin that only is visible if he is laughing extremely hard. It is hidden otherwise. He’s never own an expensive shirt or pants. He didn’t grow up poor or rich. So far in life, he has had a rather plain taste in clothes.





Mckenzey Ebron

She is tall and lean with long legs, brown shoulder-length hair, and golden eyes. She has a slightly tanned complexion. She loves tank tops and short shorts but with ease can pull off an expensive dress, jeans, or pajama bottoms. She loves to play sports, but nothing in high school. She considered being on the debate or drama club. She has an obsession with painting and is very talented.



Jayco Carter

He is the tallest of the group and built like a linebacker with broad shoulders, massive arms, and legs. He lifts weights a few times a day, loves football, and tries to intimidate you with his size. He is white but tanned, blond hair which is usually cut short but spiky. He excels at the conventional appearance of a guy from California with board shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. He seldom dresses up.


Grantham Mitchell

He is a few inches over six feet tall, lean with a runner’s build. His hair is dark and cut short. It is slightly curly with a straight line across his forehead, while the sides are trimmed and styled. Grantham is like a gecko and can wear anything while appearing relaxed and comfortable. One year, he dressed like an Emo for an entire month and didn’t receive a single evil glance or disparaging remark. The following month, it was all yellow and blue clothes.



Seyanna Motick

She is taller than both Mia and Mckenzey.  Red hair, pale skin, pink cheeks. Smart, tall, and athletic – though she plays no sports. She likes to run long distances. Lived in Alaska after Silverton and was homeschooled.





Latisha Rivera

She is a few inches shorter than Mckenzey with dark skin and gorgeous afro hair that she cab style with ease. Most days, she lets her hair cover over her ears and frames her oval face. She is curvy and dresses in the latest, most expensive fashion. She often speaks her mind, regardless of the potential outcome. You always know where you stand with her.