The Sorcerer’s Guide book series is underway with books 1 and 2 previously released.

To help set the stage for Jet Black, Elemental magic, and the upcoming war, let’s take a look back to where it all started.

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Now More about the Prologue:

Prologue to The Sorcerer’s Guide: Selective Amnesia

12-year-old Jet Black is about to discover a world of magic. A countdown to the release of a powerful demon is mere moments away. Jet gets his first taste of magic and how evil has a plan to destroy him.

The first in a series of natural disasters strike Silverton, Oregon – home of Jet Black and many of his friends. Will Jet be strong enough and smart enough to survive?

Selective Amnesia is the Prologue to The Sorcerer’s Guide Book Series. A YA fantasy series with magic, mythical creatures, adventure, war, and some romance.

Book 1: Path of the Phoenix – Jet Black, a 16-year-old boy, while at boarding school, must learn Elemental magic and discover the meaning of a series of natural disasters from a book that has a mind of its own.

Book 2: Soul of Anesidora – 16-year-old Jet Black uncovers the location of the second piece of the Phoenix while using his unusual book to find a way to stop mythical creatures bent on stealing magic.