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The Sorcerer’s Guide is a project that has been in the works for over a decade.  Writing this book has been a perfect example of what not to do.

I think I thought writing a book would be easy. After listening to hundreds of books, you get a sense that you can do it. And you can…but it takes much more work than you can imagine.

When I first started writing, I think I fell into every problem possible. Sometimes, making mistakes is the best way to learn how to do something. It forces you to learn the “ins and outs” of writing including pacing, tense, book categories, character development, plotting, arc, and much more.

As the learning process came along, I realized that I have a passion for writing. My first many sentences were far from perfect, but it was so enjoyable to write and  I loved every minute.

When I finished the first draft – there were over 250,000 words. That is a big book. Most of my writing was too descriptive and without a great train of thought. I wanted to describe everything in such detail that it took away the imagination of the reader. Again, this was not the brightest of ideas.  I started attending some book conferences and better worked on my craft. It has been a wonderful journey.

I have edited it over 50 times and have changed most of the entire story twice. I hired a few different editors for an outside perspective. This was really helpful in my overall concept and what I wanted the readers to get out of the book. What a fantastic adventure. The final product is far from perfect but it is exactly how I wanted it to turn out. Certainly, years down the road, I’ll wish things would be slightly different. But, what can you do?

The first book in the series is Path of the Phoenix. It about the return of magic, elemental and runic magic through an unlikely avenue . . . a book.

The story is just beginning.


Path of the Phoenix

The story is about a 16-year old boy, Jet Black, who discovers that he is at the center of magic returning to the earth. Through a series of natural disasters, he uncovers a connection between an old book and the crazy and incredible things happening around him.

Jet Black and five of his closest friends survived an earthquake and volcano that destroyed most of their hometown of Silverton, Oregon. Truth be told, Jet only survived because of three talents that disappeared as soon as he was safe.

Now, Jet and his friend begin their sophomore year of high school after receiving a scholarship to Chadwicks Boarding School in Santa Barbara, California. Things get weird again when Jet’s talents return, and he learns that Elemental Magical is all around him. He and his friends are thrown into an adventure searching for lost relics, an ancient tablet piece, and fantastical creatures.

But Jet isn’t the only one who knows about magic and these missing treasure. Shane Fallon, an enemy every since Jet stepped onto campus, is searching for something as well. Things appear dire when Jet learns that Shane may know his own form of magic. Will it become Elemental Magic vs. Runic Magic? Only time will tell.


Check out the Book on Amazon:  amzn.to/38wQ3V2

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